Film/TV Bookings

THE INBETWEEN, (2018), Series Regular, NBC

GENERAL HOSPITAL, (2015 - 2018), Contract Role, ABC

ALEXA & KATIE, (2018), Recurring Guest Star, Netflix

SHAMELESS, (2018), Guest Star, Showtime

VANDALL, (2018), Lead, Exilium

AMERICAN CRIME STORY, (2018), Guest Star, FX

THE UNHEALER, (2018), Lead, Shared Card Ent.

THE SHOUT OUT BOYS, (2018), Series Regular, Jimmy Lifton

ONE UNDER THE SUN, (2017), Lead, Gravitas Ventures

GHOSTED, (2017), Guest Star, FOX

SCORPION, (2017), Guest Star, CBS

CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS, (2017), Recurring Guest Star, CBS

SHAMELESS, (2017), Recurring Guest Star, Showtime

THE RANCH, (2017), Guest Star, Netflix

HOUSE OF THE WITCH, (2017), Lead, Distilled Media

THE LAST SHIP, (2017), Recurring Guest Star, TNT

STILL THE KING, (2017), Recurring Guest Star, CMT

ONCE UPON A TIME, (2017), Guest Star, ABC

CASTLE, (2016), Guest Star, ABC

NU SCHOOL RECORDS, (2016), Guest Star, Disney

BROKEN PROMISE, (2016), Lead, Lifetime

BEST FRIENDS WHENEVER, (2016), Guest Star, Disney

LAB RATS: ELITE FORCE, Recurring Guest Star, (2016), Disney XD

LIGHTS OUT, (2016), Lead, New Line Cinema

RECOVERY ROAD, (2016), Guest Star, ABC

THE FOSTERS, (2016), Guest Star, ABC Family

GRIMM, (2015), Guest Star, NBC

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, (2015), Recurring Guest Star, ABC

UNBROKEN, (2015), Lead, Universal Pictures

LUMEN, (2015), Series Regular, TNT

THE BOUNCE BACK, (2015), Lead, Cima Productions

THE BABYSITTERS BLACK BOOK, (2015), Lead, Lifetime

THE HAUNTED HATHAWAYS, (2014-2015), Recurring Guest, Nickelodeon

YEARBOOK, (2015), Lead, Nick Creative Lab

NCIS: LA, (2015), Guest Star, CBS

SEE DAD RUN, (2015), Guest Star, Nick at Nite

GANG RELATED, (2014), Guest Star, FOX

CRIMINAL MINDS, (2014), Guest Star, CBS

MELISSA AND JOEY, (2014), Guest Star, ABC Family

AWESOMENESS TV, (2014), Recurring Guest, Dreamworks TV

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, (2013-2015), Series Regular, YTV

NICKELODEON CREATIVE LAB, (2014), Recurring Guest, Nickelodeon

DEADTIME STORIES, (2013), Guest Star, Nickelodeon

THE CLIENT LIST, (2013), Guest Star, Lifetime


STEVIE TV, (2013), Guest Star, VHI

CAMP, (2013), Lead, Word Entertainment

BELLES, (2012), Series Regular, TV One

STEP UP 4: REVOLUTION, (2012), Lead, Summit Entertainment

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, (2012), Guest Star, NBC

KICKIN IT, (2011-2012), Recurring Role, Disney XD

GREY'S ANATOMY, (2006-2012), Series Regular, ABC

DETENTION, (2011), Starring Role, Sony Pictures

90210, (2010-2011), Recurring Role, CW

RED STATE, (2011), Supporting, Kevin Smith/The Harvey Boys

GHOST WHISPERER, (2010), Guest Star, CBS

DESERT SON, (2010), Lead, Camera Experiment, LLC

COUGAR TOWN, (2009-2010), Recurring Role, ABC

SUPERNATURAL, (2008-2010), WB

JOHNNY, (2010), Starring, Pure Flix Entertainment

TRANSFORMERS 1 & 2 (2008 & 2009), Starring Role, Dreamworks

SPORK, (2009), Starring Role, Last Bastion Entertainment

RESIDENT EVIL: 3 & 4: (2007 & 2009), Lead Role, Constantin Films

MODERN FAMILY, (2009), Recurring Role, ABC

BIG TIME RUSH, (2009), Recurring Role, Nickelodeon

MEET THE SPARTANS. (2008). Supporting Role, Twentieth Century Fox

DRILLBIT TAYLOR, (2008), Supporting Role, Paramount Pictures

SOUTH OF NOWHERE: (2006 - 2008), Series Lead, The "N"

CSI, (2007), Guest Star, CBS

EPIC MOVIE, (2007), Supporting Role, Regency Pictures

COLD CASE, (2007), Guest Star, CBS

MONSTER HOUSE: (2006), Lead Role, Sony Pictures

THE FAMILY STONE: (2006), Lead Role, FOX 2000

HOPE AND FAITH: (2005 - 2006), Series Regular, ABC

REUNION: (2005), Series Regular, FOX

PHIL OF THE FUTURE: (2005), Recurring, Disney

NED’S DECLASSIFIED: (2005), Recurring, Nickelodeon

ROCKY POINT: (2004), Series Regular, The WB

SKIPPING THE HOLIDAYS: (2004), Lead Role, Warner Bros.

MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE: (2004), Recurring Role, FOX

ME, ME, ME: (2004), Series Regular, UPM

NORTH SHORE: (2004), Series Regular, FOX

LUCKY US: (2004), Series Regular, FOX

CRIMES OF FASHION: (2004), Lead Role, ABC/Disney

CHEER UP: (2003), Lead Role, Revolution Studios

UNDERDOGS: (2003), Supporting Role, 20th Century Fox

THE PUNISHER: (2003), Supporting Role, Artisan Entertainment

FREAKY FRIDAY: (2003), Supporting Role, Buena Vista Pictures

A DOG AND HIS  BOY: (2003) Lead Role, Windslow Productions / Scott Rosenfelt

A CINDERELLA STORY: (2003), Supporting Role, Warner Bros. Pictures

CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN: (2003), Lead Role, Walt Disney Co.

FOLLOW THE LEEDS: Pilot (2003), Series Regular, Lifetime

THE HELP (2003), Recurring Role, The WB

THE PRACTICE: (2003), Series Regular, David E. Kelly Productions / ABC

GIRLS CLUB: (2002), Series Regular, David E. Kelly Productions / FOX

THE MUSIC MAN: (2002), Lead Role, ABC / Touchstone Pictures (MOW w/ Matthew Broderick)

THAT 80'S SHOW: (2002), Series Regular, Carsey Werner / FOX

NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE: (2002), Lead Role, Columbia Tristar

BROTHERS GARCIA: (2000-2002), Series Regular, Nickelodeon

BEING BREWSTER: Pilot (2001), Series Regular, ABC

ROBERTSONS GREATEST HITS: Pilot (2001), Series Regular, Nickelodeon

SAFE HARBOR: (2000), three Series Regulars, The WB

THE POWER RANGERS: (1999), Series Regular, Saban Entertainment

THE SECOND JUNGLE BOOK: MOWGLI AND BALOO (1998), Lead Role, Columbia Tristar